The story, concept and the team behind Nordic Knit

Wickstrøm Basic Poncho – L – Large, Blue melange


Nordic Knit is wool fashion and accessories for our self and your home made with love for women who value sustainable quality and care. All garments are produced in Copenhagen, Denmark with a focus on using only natural and exclusive materials.

All products are made from the highest quality wool and wool blends, including 100% sheep wool, yarn blends with angora to give the wool a softer feel and blends with acrylic to keep the material cooler and lighter.

Our designs are inspired by nordic knitting traditions and combine comfort and timeless style.


Behind Nordic Knit is Maya Wickstrøm, Maya Is graduated crafts teacher (adult education) in cutting, textile printing and machine knitting, and as a primary school teacher with main subject in Danish and visual arts, as well as psychotherapist. Maya i a self declared total fabric addict in all its variants: Wool, cotton, linen, viscose, silk – you name it! Mayas fix consists of sewing, knitting, embroidering or just look at the pieces and hug it in her hands. So its the love for fabric, design and sustainable, ethical quality that have driven Maya to Make Nordic Knit a reality.

The Team

  • Maya5

    Maya Wickstrøm

    Founder, designer and head of production

    Hi 🙂 Welcome to my knitting universe. I work as a school teacher, and in my spare time I love to knit on my knitting machine. In 2015 and 2016 I attended in the STOLL training center of knitting and programming (in Reutlingen, Germany):
    1. Use of the CMS (how to handle the knitting machine)
    2. M1plus - Handling and Pattern Designing (programming the knitting machine)
    3. M1plus - Fully Fashion & Special (more programming features)
    I design and knit all the models. I love to explore technical features and to combine it with different yarn texture and again be absorbed in the colours. I so not have the patience to hand knit; I want the result as fast as possible. My knitting passion started with domestic knitting machines. Please checkout my blog about machine knitting: MayasKnit.
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